Jams, Jellies and Marmalades, Oh Yum!

Great Taste Award 2012

The results are in. This was our first year in making Preserves. I thought they were so delicious, we entered two Jellies and both have been awarded a Gold Star from The Great Taste Awards 2012. The Jellies we entered are Crab Apple, Almond and Earl Grey Tea Jelly’ and ‘Crab Apple with Blackberry and Nettle Tea Jelly’. I intend to enter more this year. If you have a favorate Lucy’s Vicarage Preserve and think it is far superiour to its cousins, let me know.

Great Taste Awards 2012

 Homemade Preserves

Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms makes a range of unique and traditional preserves. We use fruits from our own trees and bushes in many of the preserves. The jams, jellies and marmalades are made in small batches to ensure the best quality and taste. We follow traditional recipes and methods, but some of our more modern flavours are unique to us and cannot be bought anywhere else as those recipes are our little secret.

The preserves are made using whole fruit, the fruits are squeezed/peeled by hand, we do not use short cuts and would never want to. The taste of homemade jam, jelly and marmalade is always preferable to mass-produced preserves.

Home Grown Fruit Trees

We grow a range of fruit for our preserves; many varieties of apples, crab apples, victoria plums, gooseberries, pears, rhubarb and damsons.

The delicious spreads are very versitile, perfect for spreading on morning toast, scones, stirred into a dish of porridge or along side meats in a sandwich or an excellent condiment; a memorable part of the meal.

List of our Homemade Jam  or Buy Now via our Online Shop

Our jams are popular due to the strong flavour of the individual fruits coming through. They taste excellent on baked goodies like scones, croissants and Victoria sponge. They are very good in a bowl of porridge, especially the Apple & Ginger Jam; one of our best sellers. My dad also likes to add it to his mash potato!


Our jellies are unique to us and cannot be found anywhere else, we have developed our own recipes. Jellies are far superior in fruit flavour due to the nature of the preparation and cooking process.

List of our Homemade Marmalades or Buy Now via our Online shop

Our marmalade are made in a similar way to our Jellies. All of our Marmalades are made by hand with hand cut peel. We make them using whole fruit and follow traditional recipes.


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All preserves are made by the family at Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms.

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