Jams, Jellies and Marmalades, Oh Yum!

Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms makes a range of unique and traditional preserves.

What is the difference between a Jam, a Jelly and a Marmalade?

Marmalade can be made in a similar way to a Jam or Jelly, if the marmalade is clear with cuts of rind it is made similar to a jelly. Jam contains the fruit from which it is made. A Jelly is made by thrice straining the juice from the boiled fruit, discarding the tasteless pulp. A clear Marmalade is smooth, full of flavour and transparent with a bright lustrous colour. All of our Marmalades are made by hand with hand cut peel.

Marmalade Creation at Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms

All of our Marmalades are homemade. We make them using whole fruit and follow traditional recipes. They are made in small quantities to ensure a high quality. An average batch may only contain 5 large (425g) Jars. We try to reduce the quantity of sugar used compared to their commercial cousins. The taste of homemade jam, jelly and marmalade is always preferable to mass-produced distant cousins.

We do not use short cuts; everything is done by hand, including the peel cutting, keeping the end product and your enjoyment in mind. All of our Preserves are made by either Lucy or Kathy at Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms. Unfortunatly we can not grow a lot of the fruit used in the Marmalades but it is still carefully selected by us.

We grow a range of fruit for our preserves; many varieties of apples, crab apples, victoria plums, gooseberries, rhubarb and damsons.

Seville Marmalade,

Grapefruit, Seville and Lemon Marmalade,

Lime Marmalade

Lime Marmalade

Ginger Marmalade

Honey & Clementine Marmalade

Melon and Grapefruit Marmalade

Melon and Grapefruit Marmalade

Ordering Information

My Marmalades are available in a variety of Jar sizes. The larger the jar, the more economical the deal. All of the marmalades are made by hand from picking to jaring and labelling. I use a Refractometer to measure the sugar content of each batch of marmalade. Unfortunatly, we can not sell over the internet yet. But you can email me an order or over the phone, get in touch via the contact page. We only make the Preserves in small batches so many sizes may not be available due to selling out. Delivery is on top of the pricing, if you are local we maybe able to drop them off at your chosen time.

Many marmalades have sold out and only have the Large size left. Please email to ask which are in stock at the time.

Order via phone or email;

Can’t find what you are looking for? I would have a look at the flavourful Jellies or delicious Jams.



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