Lucy is starting a venture into experiences. Lucy, in her previous career as a Mechanical Engineer, has given presentations to over 200 people at a time in various conferences over Europe. Now with the tea rooms, she has been asked to give various talks and asked about other fun and unique experiences she could provide, from talking about where the tea room came from and the history of the Old Vicarage, it’s Grounds and Local Area to the latest venture; beekeeping, candle making and products from the hive.


Presentations and talks

Lucy’s Vicarage Tea Rooms and History of the Old Vicarage.

This is a talk of behind the scenes. Where the idea for the tea rooms came from. Renovating the outside buildings. Making my jams, jellies and marmalades. Entering them into competitions. Expansion of the tea rooms. Future plans/dreams. The history of the Vicarage, church and surrounding area. Where the Rolleston Tankard (now being exhibited at the Newark Civil War Centre) and a bible of historical importance was found in the grounds of the Vicarage.

£20 + £5 travel expenses for locations within 45 minutes


Jams, Jellies & Marmalades Oh My!

Top tips, best equipment and troubleshooting. How to make award winning preserves

£30 + £5 local travel expenses (includes a £5 discount if Lucy can sell her homemade jams, jellies and marmalades at the event)


Lucy’s Bees; 1st year in beekeeping,

from where to get bees, why bees are important?, bee friendly plants, why do bees swarm?, what’s the difference between wasps, bumble bees and honey bees?, what is raw unfiltered honey? All the way to what a honey bee colony look like and how to care for honey bees.

Lucy will guide you through her first year as a beekeeper with props and tools, please note, no actual live bees will be invited to this event, but their hive, beeswax and honey will be for you to touch, smell and taste.

£30 +£5 local travel (includes a £5 discount if Lucy can sell her bee hive related products including honey, beeswax, candles, furniture polish and much much more)


Lucy’s Bees; Honey Bees and Products from the hive

This talk guides you through why honey bees are important and what they and you can produce from a colony of bees. How to extract honey, beeswax, pollen, Royal jelly, Propolis, and make beeswax candles, natural and beneficial food supplements, cosmetics including hand creams, foot treatments, massage bars, perfumes, lip balms and much much more

£30 + £5 local travel (includes a £5 discount if Lucy can sell hive products at the event)


Talks and nibbles at the tea rooms


why not travel to the tea rooms and enjoy some of Lucy’s homemade scones or full luxurious afternoon teas during any of the talks and presentations.

homemade scones served with clotted cream and a selection of homemade and award winning preserves (minimum 20 guests) £7 per guest

A medley of dainty sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and Lucy’s homemade preserves (minimum 16 guests) £10 per guest

Grand Afternoon Tea; a medley of dainty sandwiches, homemade scones with clotted cream and Lucy’s homemade preserves, an assortment of homemade cakes and mini desserts (minimum 10 guests) £15 per guest



These vary on the time of year, prices also vary depending on requirements, numbers and availability

Lucy’s Bees; the hive.

Get suited and booted for a one to one experience up close and personal with honey bees. First have a presentation and chat about honey bees, what they do in the hive, the difference between foragers and house bees and see photos of what the hive looks like so you can get as much out of seeing in to a hive as possible. Then a short safety presentation, explaining about stings and how to dress correctly  followed by a trip to Lucy’s Apiary where her lovely honey bees live. The smoker will be lit. Then Pop on a bee suit and watch as Lucy opens the hive, she will talk you through what they are busy doing, look for the queen, possibly see honey bees being born, emerging from the cells, taste honey directly from the hive. This is a unique experience and requires fairly good weather. If it is raining or thunder and lightning or blowing a gale, the date will be rescheduled. Up to 4 guests at a time, no children.

1 guest £100, 2 guests £55 each, 3 guests £40 each, 4 guests £30 each


beeswax candle making, presentation and candle making. Day from 10:30am till 4pm.

Lucy will show you how she extracts beeswax from the bee hive, how she cleans it and melts it into usable blocks to sell, present at exhibitions and shows and to make into honey bee products such as pure beeswax candles. She will melt the beeswax, you can choose a mould or China tea cup and see what the finished product will look like, wick the candle and pour in the molten beeswax to make your candle.

prices vary depending how many candles you would like to make and if you would like lunch included.



If you have any questions or would like to book a presentation or experience then you can call the tea rooms on 01636 816882 or Lucy’s personal mobile 07793626690 or email lucy@lucysvicaragetearooms.com


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