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Apple and Ginger Jam (Small Jar)


Homemade Apple & Ginger Jam

Home grown Bramley Apples, Hand Picked, Hand washed, pealed, cored, cooked and turned into jam again by hand. Everything in the jar should be in the jar; no stalks, apple cores or peal to be found, only the best bits.

The Apples are grown in the Tea Room Garden from mature Bramley Apple trees that are older than Lucy and are at least 35 years old but probably over 50 years old and produce excellent fruit year on year. The Young Stem Ginger is hand chopped in to small chunks, some spoonful’s are more fiery than others depending on number of ginger chunks. We do not spray or treat the trees with any chemicals, just healthy pruning when needed.

The Apple & Ginger Jam is homemade in Jam Pans, small batches of 5-6 large jars.

Size: 125g Minimum

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Product Description

Apple & Ginger Jam

Size: 125g Minimum

Ingredients: Sugar, Apples, Stem Ginger, Ginger Syrup & Lemon. Prepared with 52g fruit per 100g. Total sugar content: 60g per 100g

This Apple & Ginger Jam is lovingly homemade in small batches, from whole fruit and using open jam pans; we even grow the Apples. This jam is great on toast, excellent for cooking with or as a glaze for Ham. Add a spoon or two into the mix before cooking to liven up your homemade scones.

This is a homemade jam made in small batches, the weight of the jam, fruit prepared with weight and the total sugar content may vary from batch to batch.

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Weight 125 g

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