• Where does honey come from?

    Where does honey come from?

    Honey comes from honey bees. No honey bees, no honey! Most bees make honey but only the honey bee (Apis Mellifera) produces more than they normally need so we, beekeepers, can take some. I like to think of it as hoarders. They are hoarders of honey, like storing nuts for the winter and I only remove the excess honey that they won’t need and I feed them sugar syrup or their own honey if they do need extra in winter.

    Flowers produce nectar, bees go and visit each flower (pollinating the flowers at the same time) the bees collect nectar and return to the hive. They mix the nectar with enzymes they produce and add to the nectar. They store this mix inside hexagonal cells they made from beeswax. They heat the hive to 36oC, and keep it at this temperature, producing heat by vibrating their wings very fast inside the hive. This temperature evaporates water from the nectar mix to reduce the moisture content to below 20%. Once this happens the nectar has become honey and they cap it (put a lid on the cell) made form beeswax. This honey will be ready for when they need it.

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